Stevenson, J. Lorne
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This interview is with J. Lorne Stevenson of New Glasgow, P.E.I. Lorne begins by telling about planning to join the army during WWI, but joining the navy instead. He tells about training in Halifax, crossing the Atlantic to Liverpool, his navy uniform, Islanders in WWI, the HMS Goshawk, and sunken ships. The then talks about minesweepers, German ships and U-boats, Ireland, life on the boat, and Armistice Day. Lorne then tells about trying to join the navy during WWII, the history of his house, horses and farming, and recites poetry from the temperance movement. He then talks about church services, ministers, blacksmiths, millers and mills, and potato farming. Throughout the interview he mentions family, farming, and local businesses on several occasions.
Place(s) Discussed:
New Glasgow, PE; Liverpool, England; Devon, England; Larne, Ireland; Wheatley River, PE
Time(s) Discussed:
1916, 1898, WWI, WWII, 1917, 1920, 1939, 1820, 1914
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