Doyle, Jimmy
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This is an interview with Jimmy Doyle of Summerville, P.E.I. Jimmy begins by telling about his family and his first job. He then talks about blacksmiths, working in the lumber woods in New Brunswick, general stores, and school. Jimmy goes on to tell about his farm, gristmills and sawmills, and the first time he had electricity, telephones, and a radio. He then talks about dances, his grandparents, more about his farm, job and cars, his first tractor, and Gus Callaghan's store. The interview ends with a discussion of fiddlers and peddlers.
Place(s) Discussed:
Summerville, PE; Vernon River, PE; Montague, PE; St. Martin's, NB
Time(s) Discussed:
1937, 1948, 1951, 1920, 1945
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