MacNeil, Donald Stewart
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This is an interview with Donald Stewart MacNeil of Little Harbour, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Donald starts of by telling about his entry into WWII and his beginnings as a pilot. He talks about the first plane he saw, his first ride, and the first time he flew a plane. He then tells about barnstorming, different pilots over the years, and the island of Tiree near Orkney in Scotland where he served for the RCAF. Donald tells of his days flying in Northern Scotland during WWII, and tells a story of dropping off a parcel for the lighthouse keepers of the Noup Head Lighthouse. He then talks about different planes, his logbook, and the time when he flew a plane with two of its four engines destroyed. Donald then tells of the troubles of flying over water and islands. He mentions a plane crash near Wick, tells of his crew of mixed nationalities, and talks about the social side of his service. Donald tells of various superstitions, briefly mentions life after the war, and reminisces of the good people of Northern Scotland where he served.
Place(s) Discussed:
Noup Head, Scotland; Wick, Scotland; Orkney, Scotland; Summerside, PE; Cape Breton, NS
Time(s) Discussed:
1930s, 1939, 1940, WWII, 1920
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